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Recreation Lending

Merrick Bank is a national leader in providing boat, RV and horse trailer loans to people with a wide variety of credit histories, focusing on those with less-than-perfect credit. We work with thousands of approved dealers across the continental U.S.

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We know that not all customers can obtain financing through prime banks. Partnering with Merrick Bank, an experienced and stable lending institution, will provide additional finance options to help you secure the sale for your non-prime customer.

Customer Information

If you're looking to purchase a boat, RV or horse trailer, regardless of past credit challenges, Merrick Bank is here for you. Access our Customer Portal to locate an approved dealer, calculate a payment and read interesting articles to prepare for your next adventure.

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Boat Loans

We finance both new and used "traditional boats" that have an original manufacturer invoice or are listed in the N.A.D.A. Guide.  We do not finance Personal Watercraft, Sail Boats, House Boats, High Performance Boats, or Yachts.

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RV Loans

We finance both new and used tow-able RVs and motor homes that have an original invoice or are listed in the N.A.D.A. Guide. We finance for recreational use only, and do not finance RVs intended for residential or commercial purposes.

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Horse Trailer Loans

We finance new horse trailers that include a copy of the original manufacturer invoice, or are listed in the N.A.D.A. Guide or in the Horse Trailer Blue-Book.