Maintaining Good Credit
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Good Credit

A good credit score leads the way to lower interest rates and loans when you need them.
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Your Credit Score by the Numbers

Your Credit Score by the Numbers

Knowing the factors that go into your credit score calculation can help you better understand your score.
Dollars and Digital Sense: Advice for safe online banking

Dollars and Digital Sense: Understanding Phishing Emails

The key to a good phishing email is looking just like the real thing. And if you’re not careful, you can fall victim to a phishing attack.
A woman learns about payment history

What is a Payment History?

Among all the factors that affect your credit score, payment history carries the most weight.
A husband and wife look at ways to pay down their debt

Our Top Ten Tips to Pay Down Debt

After all the bills are paid and necessities purchased, it can be hard to find extra money for anything else. But paying down debt is an essential part of achieving financial freedom.
A man uses his available credit to make a purchase at a store

What is Available Credit?

Knowing your credit card's available credit can help you stay within your credit limit and be responsible for your spending.
Dollars and Digital Sense: Advice for safe online banking

How to Build a Stronger Password

You use passwords every day to access your email, your computer, even your online banking accounts.
What is a Billing Cycle?

What is a Billing Cycle?

Knowing how your account's billing cycle works can help you avoid missing payments and incurring unnecessary fees.
A woman checks her credit report online

5 Reasons to Check Your Credit Report

If you’ve ever had a loan or a credit card, you also have a credit report. But many people have no idea what’s on their credit report, either because they don’t know how to access it or they’re unsure how checking it can help them financially.
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