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Marriage, Children, and Family
Advice on managing money with your spouse and teaching financial lessons to your children.
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A mother and son save money together

How to Save For Family Emergencies & Build Your Family Emergency Fund

Here are a few pointers and best practices to help you start saving for your family emergency fund.
A man holds his new baby in the nursery

Best Money-Saving Tips: Saving For a Baby

Between the diapers, the crib, the stroller, the diapers (again), and the hospital costs, your new little bundle of joy can cost a whole bundle of money.
A mother teaches her two children how to save money in a unicorn piggy bank

7 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Money

Teaching your kids about money is a great way for them to get some valuable life lessons directly from you. And you may even learn something new as part of the process too.
A father and son play with toys together

Our Top Tips for Saving on Family Expenses

Here’s some good news: your family can make a few small changes that add up to big savings over time. 
A young boy plays the violin at a concert

6 Ways to Save on After-School Activities

If you’re looking for options to keep costs down this school year, consider some of the following methods.
A man proposes to his girlfriend

5 Money Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Before you tie the knot, tie up a few loose financial ends and have a discussion about money with your better half.
A father helps his teenage son with homework

Getting Your Teen's FICO® Score Ready, Before They Head Off to College

Getting your teenager ready for college not only involves researching universities, applying and being accepted, it’s also about preparing them to be adults. 
A young man moves into his own home

Preparing to Buy a Home - My Millennial Son's Journey

My husband and I recently sat down with our 28-year old son to discuss purchasing his first home.
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