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Merrick Bank
Customer Stories

Merrick Bank helps customers
build and rebuild their credit.

Watch their stories to see how.

Carolyn, Merrick Bank Customer
“I was actually kind of shocked that Merrick Bank offers credit cards by invitation-only. It made me feel special.”
  •   Ernest Richard, Jr.
       Baltimore, MD
“I think the greatest benefit to me personally in having the Merrick Bank credit card is that it helped to reestablish my credit after a difficult time.”
  •   Carolyn Campbell
       Encinitas, CA
“While I was trying to find a way to build my credit...this one came addressed to me. So that really did it for me.”
  •   Astolfo Licea
       Phoenix, AZ
“I am the guardian of my grandson. Having the Merrick Bank credit card, allows me to help do for him more than I was before I got the credit card.”
  •   Carol Bowie
       Houston, TX
“The fact that Merrick Bank’s cards are by invitation only, meant that they were looking for me...and it was a great offer.”
  •   Mark Dixon
       Springfield, MO