Six Ideas and Tips for the Perfect Money-Saving Staycation

Ready for that relaxing and fun vacation, but trying to avoid the inconvenience of traveling, finding the right hotel, and the added expenses that keep growing? Escape the stress of planning a vacation getaway by opting for an amazing staycation in your own state. Playing tourist in your backyard can be just as exciting as getting out of town, but without the expensive price tag and extra hassle.

With summer on its way, it’s time you took a vacation without the heavy financial burden, and these six ideas and tips are critical to ensuring your staycation is truly the dream vacation you’ve wanted. Welcome to your perfect staycation.

Staycation Activity Ideas.

  1. Try new foods. Just because you’re not in an exotic location doesn’t mean you can’t experience something different. Try something new, like the neighborhood restaurant you have heard about or try something off the beaten path. Websites like provide local ratings on restaurants and even pictures of food items from previous customers. With the money you’re saving on your staycation, pick a nice restaurant and splurge a little on your meal. Or if trying new foods isn’t your thing, change where you eat. Have your breakfast outside, eat dinner at the park, or have your favorite meal delivered.
  2. Get back to nature. No matter where you live, the outdoors always has a lot to offer. Find a nearby hiking trail. allows you to search for trails and parks near you, and even shows the level of difficulty so you know whether the hike is suitable for your children or grandchildren. Plant some favorite herbs in your backyard. Get to know the environment in which you live. Whether you’re near mountains, plains, or water, there’s beauty in everyone’s backyard.
  3. Explore the local scene. Be a tourist in your own town, you might be surprised at how many free, local events are available in your own town. Check out the public library for free events and activities. Take an afternoon to see a concert, visit a museum, or browse your local farmers’ market. Spend an evening under the stars with a movie in the park. You’ll get to know the flavor of your town, and meet other locals who are interested in the same things. is an easy way to search for “Things to Do” near any city.


Staycation Planning Tips.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your nearby excursions.

  1. Disconnect. Take a break from emails, appointments, chores, and errands. After all, the key to the best staycation is taking a break from the routine. Even though you’re home, you’re still on vacation. This is your time to relax and have fun.
  2. Budget. Like any trip or vacation, you’ll still want to set a budget. The goal of a staycation isn’t to spend no money, but to save money. Even with a budget in place, you can still find ways to treat yourself with something as simple as a fancy dessert or a day doing something you want to do. Look for extra savings using sites like and
  3. Plan. Don’t let your staycation be just another weekend at home. To make it memorable, plan your activities in advance. Do your research ahead of time so you know what events are going on and what the weather will be. Then make a game plan to ensure this will be the best staycation yet.

Smart financial decisions don’t have to get in the way of new experiences and a fabulous vacation. By following these staycation ideas and tips, you can relax and enjoy yourself without breaking the bank.


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