Take Your Portfolio to the Next Level


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What We Offer

  • Unique BINs and ICAs
  • Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Next Day Funding
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Secure Website Content Monitoring
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Gain Control Over Your Merchant Portfolio with Unique and Portable BINs and ICAs

Merrick Bank differs from many acquirers in that we provide you with the option of having your own BIN and ICA, as well as the ability to customize your portfolio. While this may not be the choice of all ISOs, it offers distinct advantages to those that assume full liability, enabling you to choose from four (4) different processors that best fit your business and merchant needs.

With a unique BIN/ICA, you have a direct relationship with your sponsor bank, providing you with more control over how you grow and manage your portfolio. By customizing a direct relationship with Merrick Bank Merchant Acquiring Services, you will have a competitive advantage over ISOs who share their BIN and ICA with other ISOs and Agents, which have no direct connection to the bank. Merrick Bank handles BIN/ICA sponsorship with confidence and the knowledge that our service and expertise will make you want to stay with us.